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I’m about to sneeze to death

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Powerful Imagery •#enoughsaid •#educateyourself

Powerful Imagery •#enoughsaid •#educateyourself

Most women in the modern Western world have no space of our own in the home—no den, basement workshop, garage, outside domain, or special chair in the living room. Though the kitchen and bedroom often are thought of as “her” rooms, they are hers only as spaces in which she is expected to provide services to and for her man. Private space—space in which she can just be, space where she does not have to justify her presence by being engaged in work—is nonexistent unless she actively creates and maintains it.

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and its interesting that when watching tv or reading things the “man cave” always gets brought up as a half joke but really more serious thing that every man “needs” but then when women have craft rooms or other similar things related to their own interest it is always the butt of a joke (haha silly wimminz wanting space of their own)

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NYC. Staten Island. Method Man with his girlfriend and muse Shortie, at home. 1995.

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